Reef Octopus RODC Pumps: A New Benchmark in Controllable Water Pumps

T he Reef Octopus controllable Direct Current “DC” water pumps are the latest in variable speed flow technology allowing for refined control, enhanced performance and efficiency.  The vast majority of circulation pumps available to hobbyist are alternating current “AC” pumps (the type of power that comes out of your wall outlet).  Direct Current pumps have several key advantages over traditional AC pumps, most notably, you...

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[CVtv] Uncut: Marc Levenson on the Maxspect Gyre at MACNA 2014

In this uncut version of [CVtv], guest Marc Levenson from was supposed to give us his first impression on the Maxspect Gyre.  But, Marc being Marc, decided to change plans on the fly and reverse roles.  Carlos ended up being the guest and Marc became the host. Watch and enjoy!!!

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Maxspect Gyre Generator featured in podcast episode #196

Our friends Gary Parr and Christine Williams from released a podcast episode recapping MACNA 2014.  During their broadcasts, they talked about the Maxspect Gyre Generator pump and how great and interesting the pump and it’s concept is.  They talked about it’s construction, ability to move water and the possible business implications that this new technology brings to the hobby.     Here are some of the...

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Maxspects’ new Gyre Generating flow pump in a shallow frag tank

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE In this episode of [CVtv], your host Carlos Chacon takes the Gyre pump on location and observes it in the shallow frag system of Chicago’s very own and former RCTM Menard Villaber.  Menard provides his experience based opinion on how the pump can benefit frag systems in a store/coral farm setting. As expected we observed the Gyre pump create a complete cycle of water turning up detritus from every nook and...

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Gyre Pre-Registration Form

Be the one of the first to know when the Maxspect Gyre pump will be available for sale.   Pre-registration entitles you to: Pre-sale eligibility.  Once the Gyre is available for sale, as a pre-registered member, you will be able to purchase the Gyre from select vendors BEFORE the general public.   Receive the latest updates on the status of the Gyre and its release. Access to online instructional videos on how to use the riptide in...

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