MoonVue Retrofit LED Tube

MoonVue  Retro Moonlight LED Tubes have the appearance of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer which makes them highly efficient, reliable and will bring out the stunning colors of any reef scape at night. Actinics have nothing on these stunning LED Strips when it comes to color! Enjoy the twilight hours of your reef in an all new way under these revolutionary LED tubes. Your Corals will look glow...

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Super Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactors

  [SlideDeck id=’4037′ width=’100%’ height=’425px’] Bio-Pellet Reactor instructions available for download [Download not found]    The following video courtesy of Reef Gizmo.  More images and full review can be view here. Unique Cone Distribution Plate Biopellet containment screen BR-200 Biopellet Reactor BR-140 Biopellet Reactor BR-110 Biopellet Reactor BR-70 Biopellet Reactor Reactors can be...

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