RLSS/WaveLine Announces CoralVue as New US Distributor

We are happy to announce that CoralVue is the new US distributor for RLSS/WaveLine and their extensive line of aquarium products including the popular WaveLine variable speed pumps and RLSS Skimmers. Transfer of North American Distribution & Customer Support SLIDELL, LA —  Effective April 14th, 2016, CV Industries (hereinafter CoralVue) will be taking over US distribution of the complete line of RLSS/Waveline aquarium products....

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IceCap K2-50 Protein Skimmer Assembly Guide

The IceCap K2-50 Protein Skimmer is a remarkably compact skimmer that offers a new level of refined filtration for small aquariums up to 80 gallons. L ike the rest of the K2 series the K2-50 is master crafted from robust PVC and high quality acrylic with the latest enhancements in foam fractionation. Unlike the other models the K2-50 comes equipped with an optional mounting bracket for easy suspended placement along side a sump or...

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Coming to North America – ELOS Diamond Line Aquariums

– A complete new experience! An ELOS aquarium That Surpasses Itself Premium DiamondVision crystal clear glass for uncomparable transparency and strength! The one of a kind Quiet Drain overflow will provide a noise free experience, even with HIGH flow rates!   DiamondVision Crystal Clear Glass ELOS DiamondVision makes for the very finest glass that combines the qualities of scratch resistance with a unique transparency for...

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CV Industries “CoralVue” – Announcing Ricardo Laso as Our New Sales Director of Wholesale Procurement

Slidell, LA, JANUARY 2016 – With a reputation for producing quality and innovative aquarium products for over 15 years, CoralVue is once again renewing its commitment to sales and customer support. Recently CoralVue has quadrupled it’s office and warehouse capacity in an effort to improve operations.  To bolster those efforts, CoralVue is proud to announce that industry veteran Ricardo Laso has joined the Executive Team as...

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Maxspect Gyre: Step-by-Step Assembly & Advanced Troubleshooting

In this episode of [CVtv], Carlos Chacon takes you step-by-step on how to properly assemble the Maxspect Gyre pump! I n this episode of [CVtv], Carlos Chacon takes you step-by-step on how to properly assemble the Maxspect Gyre pump and covers some advanced troubleshooting.   To assemble the gyre, we must make sure that all motor block bushings are installed correctly. Although the bushings are usually preassembled and installed, here...

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