[CVtv]: Protein Skimmer Accessories

A re you tired of constantly cleaning the skimmer or emptying the collection cup once a day? Watch our Protein Skimmer Accessories video as we go over simple and affordable skimmer accessories that can make day-to-day maintenance a thing of the past!    [Accessories] are simple, affordable and can make your day-to-day maintenace a thing of the past”   Part of any reefer’s daily routine is to empty the collection cup and be...

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[CVtv] Episode 3 – Maxspect Gyre: Alternating Gyre Mode

In this final episode of [CVtv]’s Maxspect Gyre, Carlos Chacon explains Alternating Gyre Mode. He breaks down the mode and helps us prepare, install and program the gyre. He explains the differences between the propellers and the various combinations that produce amazing and unique aquarium flows. Did you know you can run your Gyre in reverse mode? O ne of the Gyres most unique features and which sets this pump apart from any...

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[CVtv] Introducing the New IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump

Are you still adding supplements such as calcium and alkalinity solutions to your tank manually? Watch our latest [CVtv] episode as we cover a way to easily automate this process.   W hile most reefers start by manually adding supplements to the tank, the process is tedious and needs to be done on a regular basis. At some point or another, most reefers switch over to a more automated way to provide our aquariums with the necessary...

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[CVtv] Episode 2 – Maxspect Gyre: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Our Second Episode Within the Maxspect Gyre Series, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Carlos from [CVtv] covers maintenance and troubleshooting for the revolutionary Maxspect Gyre flow pump. He covers how to disassemble, how to properly clean and maintain the pump for optimal performance and extended life as well as some general trouble shooting tips. F low is the life of the reef. Without proper flow, our reef critters would not be...

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[CVtv] Episode One: Maxspect Gyre 101

In this first episode of the new Maxspect Gyre Video Blog Series, Carlos Chacon from [CVtv] introduces us to the Gyre Generating flow pump, helps us install it and shows us step-by-step how to configure the basic controller.

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[CVtv] Uncut: Marc Levenson on the Maxspect Gyre at MACNA 2014

In this uncut version of [CVtv], guest Marc Levenson from was supposed to give us his first impression on the Maxspect Gyre.  But, Marc being Marc, decided to change plans on the fly and reverse roles.  Carlos ended up being the guest and Marc became the host. Watch and enjoy!!!

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