Advanced User Interface (AIM) User Manual

To connect your AIM module to your KHG monitor, please do the following steps:  Quick install the module by disconnecting the KHG Display from the KHG base unit and connecting it to one of the outlets on the AIM.   Then connect the base unit to the other free outlet on the AIM.   Connect the AIM’s pH outlet to your 3rd party controller’s free pH input.   The installation of your AIM is now complete.   Configuring your...

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Klir Filter Feature Debut at MACNA 2017

Say Goodbye to Filter Socks! The Klir Filter is without a doubt one of the hottest aquarium products coming out fall of 2017. The Klir Fleece filter was not only on display but in action within the CoralVue booth at MACNA 2017.  Klir’s filtration provides four main benefits: Results in crystal clear water filtered down to 50 microns — double the filtering capacity compared to most filter-socks. Waste is removed from the water...

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IceCap 3K Alternating Gyre Mode

Did you know you can run your IceCap 3K flow pump in reverse mode? Stay tuned as we explain this unique feature! O ne of the 3Ks most unique features and which sets this pump apart from other pumps in the market is its ability to run in reverse.   This is like having two pumps in one. Not only can you have your pump create it’s signature gyre as it runs, but you can actually have the pump switch to reverse mode and then create the...

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ICP Analysis: Elementary Water Testing

ICP will test your aquarium’s water for 33 elements down to the parts per million (ppm), or even parts per billion (ppb), surpassing the accuracy of any hobby level test kits. C omplete elemental water analysis in 3 simple steps. Register online @ Fill sample. Ship. ICP Test for the Following 33 Elements: Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Calcium, Cesium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper,...

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Giesemann Aurora: Installation, Setup & Control

Powerful LED lighting, dimmable T5s, even distribution and stylish and modern look. Hmmm, Got your attention didn’t I? T oday we will introduce you to Giesemann’s elite lighting fixture, the Aurora. We will cover what makes this the very best all-in-one lighting fixture for reef aquariums, How to install and operate the fixture using a computer or mobile device. Aurora is an advanced lighting fixture boasting both LED and T5 for the...

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EasyReefs Masstick Product Spotlight

You heard about it. You saw it. Now it is available in a store near you! M asstick is a diverse blend of all natural compounds of marine origin, providing a natural and balanced nutrition for all types of finicky fish and marine invertebrates. It does not contain attractants, artificial preservatives or synthesis products. Masstick is a self-adhesive paste in a powder formula, ready for rehydration with water that can be stuck to any...

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