Advanced User Interface (AIM) User Manual

To connect your AIM module to your KHG monitor, please do the following steps:

  1.  Quick install the module by disconnecting the KHG Display from the KHG base unit and connecting it to one of the outlets on the AIM.  
  2. Then connect the base unit to the other free outlet on the AIM.  
  3. Connect the AIM's pH outlet to your 3rd party controller's free pH input.  

The installation of your AIM is now complete.  

Configuring your Neptune Systems APEX Controller

To connect the KHG Monitor with AIM to your APEX, you will need a free pH input.  You can use one of the two inputs included with your APEX base unit or you can also use a PM1 module.

  1. Start the browser on your PC and open the KHG and APEX classic operation screen at the same time.  For instructions on how to access your KHGs setup screen, please refer to this post.   To learn how to access your Neptune  APEX Classic Web Interface, please head over to
  2. From the APEX Configuration menu, select "Probe/Input Setup"
  3. Select the Probe/Input that belongs to the input where you connected the AIM.  
  4. Ensure the probe is enabled, rename it to dKH or ALK and then click on the "Calibrate" button.
  5. Now, switch browser tabs and go into your KHG "System Setup" page.  There scroll down to the "AIM Calibration" section and click on the "S.7" button.  (If you do not see the AIM Calibration Section, please head over to this post and follow the "Enter Firmware Update Mode" instructions and then return here to continue your installation) During this time, the KHG will send out a 30-second simulation pH7 voltage to the APEX.  (Note that the setting value on the APEX window will begin to change after about 10 seconds.)
  6. Once the APEX number has settled, click "Next".  After 30 seconds, your KHG will return to "Standby" Mode.
  7. On the KHG System Setup page, click on the S.10 button.  The KHG will send out a simulation pH10 voltage to the APEX. (Note the setting value on the APEX calibration window will begin to change.  
  8. Once the number has settled, click "Finish" on the APEX interface.  
  9. On the APEX interface, click "Update Settings" to complete the process.
  10. Your KHG will return to StandBy mode and the installation is complete.  


As the AIM sends the signal to your 3rd party controller, the signal is converted from digital to analog and then back to digital. This process will result in an unavoidable discrepancy between the KH Monitor’s digital reading and the 3rd party Aquarium Controller.  Typically, this discrepancy is around or less than 0.05dKH.

Author: Carlos

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