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S o, you have been following our [CVtv] series on Aquaforest Probiotic Method and so far, everything is going according to plan.  You have been using Aquaforest Reef or Probiotic Salt as well as supplementing your tank with NP Pro liquid Carbon and Pro Bio S bacteria. 

Your nutrient levels are close to where they need to be, and you have started the Aquaforest Balling Method to keep your Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium levels optimal as well as a variety of much needed trace elements. 

All of a sudden, you start to see a small patch of hair algae.  Or you start to see a patch of cyanobacteria on your sand bed.  Or maybe the corals just don’t have that color pop that they used to have before. 

You test your parameters only to find that your Phosphates and Nitrates are low but just enough to be a nuance.  This presents a problem as the core basis of the Aquaforest Probiotic method is to remove all nutrients from the water and then carefully add a highly selected ratio of trace elements and amino acids to encourage growth and stunning coloration. 

Unfortunately, both Phosphates and Nitrates can inhibit growth and coloration in corals.  The good thing is that you are not alone.  It actually happens more often than you think. High fish load and feeding habits can all contribute to the constant levels of Phosphates and Nitrates. 

For this reason, Aquaforest has created a set of products that are meant to help you bring the Phosphates and Nitrates levels low enough and prevent them from interfering with your coral growth and coloration. 

Aquaforest Phosphate Minus

Phosphate Minus is a product from Aquaforest that reduces both Phosphates and Silicates levels therefore preventing the growth of unwanted algae and cyanobacteria. Phosphate Minus does not have negative effects on the aquarium inhabitants and it is perfect for both new and mature systems.   Phosphate Minus is best used in a media reactor where water exposure can be maximized but it is also suitable for passive flow, so it can be easily added to a filter sock.    

The recommended amount of Phosphate Minus is 25-100ml of media per 27 gallons of water to keep levels between 0 and 0.02ppm.  Phosphate minus should be replaced every 4 weeks or whenever a significant increase in Phosphates is detected.


Even though Phosphates are not desirable, a sudden and violent drop may lead to coral death.  So, please, go easy and start slow.

Aquaforest Zeo Mix

Zeo Mix is a selected blend of zeolites that perfectly absorbs ammonia and ammonium ions thus inhibiting the increase of Nitrate in the tank.  In addition, Zeolites absorb phenols and unwanted heavy metals without lowering the Potassium level.  Zeo Mix is specially recommended for systems with high fish load or high feeding regimens. 

Zeo Mix is best used in a media filter where water contact can be maximized. 

Unlike other brands, there is no need to shake Zeo Mix at all.   The recommended dosage is 100ml per every 27 gallons of water.  Zeo Mix should be replaced every 6 weeks.

As with Phosphates, sudden and violent drops Nitrates may lead to coral death so please, go easy and start slow.

Aquaforest Life Bio Fil

Life Bio Fil is a type of biological filtration media.  The media is packed with carefully selected bacteria that helps support the nitrification process.  Life Bio Fil is the perfect product for newly established tanks where a bacterial boost is desired.   Life Bio Fil should be placed in the sump and in an area with flow.  

The recommended dosage is 1000ml of media for every 100 gallons of water.  We recommend replacing 10-20% of the media every 6 weeks.

Well, this is our video for today. On our next episode of the Aquaforest series, we will explore problem solvers.  What to do if your tank is deficient on a particular trace element.   

If you have any questions or issues with the product, don’t hesitate to visit our support portal at  Our friendly support reps are eager to help you with any questions or issues you may have. 

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Author: Carlos

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