AutoAqua: Aquarium Security System

The law of averages states that accidents will happen.  It is not a matter of if but instead, when.  That doesn’t mean that as responsible hobbyists we cannot take precautions that help reduce the risk. 

AutoAqua, the makers of the revolutionary Smart ATO and the Smart ATO Micro has released their brand new Smart Security System consisting of three separate penny sized optical sensors set to Safeguard your aquarium against common malfunctions like overflowing skimmers, heater failures and unsafe water levels.

Installation and operations could not be easier, just plug the device you wish to control into the outlet and mount the magnetically couple sensor to the surface for effortless installation.  Best of all, each Outlet is pre-programmed with no buttons or control interface to mess with. So it is literally plug and play.

One advantage of the Smart Security Outlets is that there is no controller or power supply to deal with. It is a streamline outlet with no connections other than the dry side magnet off the sensor.

Smart Level Security

Enjoy Peace of Mind with the Smart Level Security. This simple device automatically detects the water level status wherever the sensor is mounted.

Place the sensor within the tank to prevent your aquarium from overflowing or set the sensor within the sump and save your critical equipment from running dry.

Mounts to most smooth surfaced up to 1/2in thick. When the water level status changes, Smart Level Security will shut down the equipment immediately.  

The Smart Level Sensor is also smart enough to detect a power outage and it will wait 10 seconds to turn itself back on after electrical power is resumed preventing the unit from damaging your equipment in the event of a power outage. 

Smart Skimmer Security

Lets face it, every one of us has and will have our protein skimmers overflow for one reason or another. The Smart Skimmer Security is a contactless optical sensor that magnetically couples to the skimmer cup or collection container to prevent skimmer overflows.

No need to purchase a new lid for your skimmer or modify your existing collection cup for installation. Simply install the sensor to the collection cup wall no thicker than 1/4in. 

Move the sensor up or down to adjust the desired kill level on the collection cup. Plug your protein skimmers pump into the Smart Security Outlet and plug it into your home power source. Installation and setup is complete.

As the collection level in the skimmers cup gets too high, Smart Skimmer Security will shut down the skimmers pump immediately to prevent the skimmer from overflowing.

The Smart Outlet is pre-programmed with a 5min Auto time delay function to prevent external skimmers from running dry and in sump skimmer from overflowing due to higher than normal sump water levels.

Smart Temp Security

I can’t tell you how many horror stories I have heard about heater malfunctions and livestock death. This Smart Temp Security is a magnificent little outlet that secures the aquariums temperature range from 72 to 84 Fahrenheit.

When the temperature is higher or lower than the securing range, it will turn off the outlet controlling the heater or the chiller immediately and give an audible alert. 


Please note that your heater or chiller must have it’s own controller and must draw no more than 10 amps.  The Smart Temp Security is meant as a backup safeguard in case the heater or chiller’s own controller fails.


When it comes to simplicity, Auto Aqua does it best. It is amazing that these simple outlets can help safeguard our aquatic investment and beloved pets.

If you would like to learn more about the Smart Security System, including detailed specs, beautiful high-quality pictures and replacement parts, head on over to  

Author: Carlos

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