Maxpect Gyre Pump: Syna-G Control

Looking for an easier way to control your Maxspect Gyre 200 Series Flow pumps?  How about using the Maxspect Syna-G app?  Stay tuned! I n this video we will cover how to connect and access more advanced program functions of your Maxspect Gyre using the Maxspect Syna-G app right from your mobile device. Before we start, let’s go over what will be needed for this video. You will need: A Maxspect Gyre 200 Series pump with controller...

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IceCap Salinity Pen: Tips ‘n Tricks on Accuracy

In this new episode of [CVtv], Jeremy gives you a few tips and tricks to help us maintain our IceCap Salinity Pens accurate and long lasting. From changing batteries to calibrating the pen with calibration fluid, following these simple steps will ensure that our pen is always accurate. I f you find your salinity pen readout to be off, the first thing you should check are the batteries. Normally the pen will alert you when your...

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Calcium Reactors Part 2: Assembly & Installation

So, You’ve decided to put the two part dosing days behind and now looking to set up your new Reef Octopus calcium reactor. Need some help setting it up? This is the second video of a 3-video series dedicated to calcium reactors. In Episode 1 of our 3-part series, we explored what is a calcium reactor, what is needed to run a reactor and what to look for when purchasing one for your system. Now that we have all components let dive...

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Klir Drop-In Fleece Filter 101: Assembly and Installation

In this exciting episode, we will cover the assembly and installation of the brand new Klir filter by CoralVue! By far, one of the biggest husbandry complaints from reefers today is a filter sock. While the benefits of filter socks are undeniable, so are the frustrations. Filter socks help us keep our tanks clean by filtering water and trapping debris making it easy for us to remove. The problem is that they still require us to...

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Aquaforest Coral Foods: AF Amino Mix, AF Build, AF Energy & AF Vitality

So you got your tank’s phosphates and nitrates down to a good level using Aquaforest.  Now you want to know what is the next step to get amazing colors and rapid growth.  Stay tuned!!! In this ongoing [CVtv] series we explore and demystify the Aquaforest method.  We will cover Aquaforest products, how they work, what is needed to get started, but more importantly, how to properly and safely implement Aquaforest into our tanks and how...

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Alkatronic 101: Installation, Setup & Configuration

Today on [CVtv] we are going over the setup and installation of the Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller. Arguably, Alkalinity is widely used as a way to gauge the overall stability of a reef tank.  If our alkalinity is within our desired range, it is safe to assume that most other elements like Calcium and Magnesium are within acceptable range as well. There is a wide array of opinions as to how often someone should test Alkalinity.  Up...

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