Living Color Aquariums take on the new Reef Octopus RODC controllable pump

In this episode, Carlos Chacon from CoralVue and Keith Warren from Living Color Aquariums (the same guys that do Fish Tank Kings show on Nat Geo Wild Channel) go over the advantages of using the new, fully controllable RODC pump for a skimmer or for a return pump.  Keith also introduces us to a brand new sump system created specifically for Reef Octopus Sump Saver skimmers.

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Gisemann Introduces Brand New T5 Lamps

In this episode of [CVtv], Simon Garratt from Giesemann UK introduces us to the brand new T5 bulbs from Giesemann Aquaristic. GIESEMANN have long been regarded as an industry pioneer, with over 20yrs at the very forefront of lighting development for both marine and freshwater aquariums. BRAND NEW FOR 2014, GIESEMANN have introduced its new range of T5 lamps to complement its already extensive lighting range which includes other lamps...

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Maxspects’ new Gyre Generating flow pump in mature 300gal SPS aquarium

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CoralVue had the pleasure of placing their Maxspect RipTide prototype in the 300gal SPS masterpiece aquarium of Chicagos’ own and former Reef Central TOTM, Menard Villaber. Watch as we capture Menard’s first impression and his feedback on the new Riptide Gyre Generating flow pump by Maxspect. See the Riptide in action on a 300gal (8ft x 2ft x 30in) Oceanic glass aquarium. We found that the twin gyre...

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Reef Octopus Regal Vs Elite Controllable Pump Skimmers

Enjoy the latest [CVtv] video as Jeremy describes the differences between the latest two controllable pump skimmer models from Reef Octopus. Watch as Jeremy goes over the scope of each model in detail. Let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook or in the section below the video on our [CVtv] YouTube Channel.   > Click here to view all Reef Octopus Regal Skimmers> Click here to view all Reef Octopus Elite Skimmers...

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