CoralVue and Friends at Reef-A-Palooza California 2018

So, if you missed Reef-A-Palooza California 2018, watch our 4-Video [CVtv] Series Thank you to everyone that took the time to visit our booth at this year’s Reef-A-Palooza California. Like all previous RAP events, the showroom was filled with hobbyists and professionals all taking advantage of what Reef-A-Palooza had to offer. If you missed Reef-A-Palooza California 2018, watch our 4-Video Series.. For the latest information and...

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Giesemann Alkalinity and Calcium Professional Test Kits

Giesemann Professional Test Kits are designed, manufactured and tested to standards that are unparalleled in this industry. In reef aquaria, there is one important element that all LPS and SPS corals need in order to grow.   We are talking about Calcium Carbonate. Corals build approximately 90% of the skeleton by combining calcium and carbonate ions from the water to form calcium carbonate. There should be an equal amount of carbonate...

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Giesemann Aurora: Installation, Setup & Control

Powerful LED lighting, dimmable T5s, even distribution and stylish and modern look. Hmmm, Got your attention didn’t I? T oday we will introduce you to Giesemann’s elite lighting fixture, the Aurora. We will cover what makes this the very best all-in-one lighting fixture for reef aquariums, How to install and operate the fixture using a computer or mobile device. Aurora is an advanced lighting fixture boasting both LED and T5 for the...

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Giesemann VerVve: Installation & Setup

Now that you have your VerVve installed and ready to go over your tank, you are probably wondering how to configure them.  Well, we have put this Quick Guide together for you to facilitate the process and make it as seamless as possible.   Pairing your VerVve Fixtures Assign Unique Slave IDs Make all fixtures part of the same group by changing the PAN-ID Configure VerVve with iOS/Android App Change VerVve Fixture language to English  ...

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Giesemann PULZAR LED Bars

Are you looking for a versatile lighting strip that can be used as both a primary light source or just as a supplement? A re you looking for a versatile lighting strip that can be used as both a primary light source or just as a supplement? Watch as Jeremy from CoralVue goes into detail what makes the Giesemann PULZAR the finest aquarium LED bars available. Lighting is arguably one of the most important components of an aquarium and...

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Giesemann T5s at BattleCorals

In this episode of [CVtv], we go on location to visit Adam Derickson from BattleCorals and he gives us the behind the scenes tour of his facility. Adam has been using Giesemann T5 Bulbs on his fixtures for the last 6 months and he raves about the results. He is planning on changing all his fixtures to Giesemann bulbs when the times comes. B attleCorals specializes in cultivating sought after SPS corals. It deals primarily with acros...

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