Kamoer XF-STP: Calcium Reactor Doser

Are you constantly having to retune your calcium reactor? I have the perfect solution for you! So you have a reef tank and lately your corals are looking great and growing fast. Isn’t that what we all want? At the same time, you noticed that your two part supplementation is no longer able to keep up. You are going through Alkalinity and Calcium at a rate that is becoming cost prohibitive. Fellow local and online reefers are suggesting...

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Calcium Reactors & Related Equipment Part 1

Do you want to put the two part dosing days behind you and graduate to a calcium reactor to maintain calcium and alkalinity in your aquarium? This is the first video of a 3-video series dedicated to calcium reactors.  In the first video we cover what you need to know before installing and the components necessary to properly set up a calcium reactor. What is a calcium reactor? Corals, invertebrates and even coralline algae are...

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Kamoer X4, X4 Plus Firmware Update

Here you will find the latest instructions to update your Kamoer Doser to the latest software.  Always read and follow the instructions and guides prior to updating your firmware.  Not following the directions can potentially “brick” your unit and render it inoperable.   Things You Will Neeed Kamoer Doser model X4 or X4 Plus. Download the “Dosing Pump 2” app from either the App Store or Google Play. Prepping Your Kamoer...

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