[CVtv] Episode 2 – Maxspect Gyre: Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Our Second Episode Within the Maxspect Gyre Series, Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Carlos from [CVtv] covers maintenance and troubleshooting for the revolutionary Maxspect Gyre flow pump. He covers how to disassemble, how to properly clean and maintain the pump for optimal performance and extended life as well as some general trouble shooting tips. F low is the life of the reef. Without proper flow, our reef critters would not be...

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[CVtv] Episode One: Maxspect Gyre 101

In this first episode of the new Maxspect Gyre Video Blog Series, Carlos Chacon from [CVtv] introduces us to the Gyre Generating flow pump, helps us install it and shows us step-by-step how to configure the basic controller.

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[CVtv] Uncut: Marc Levenson on the Maxspect Gyre at MACNA 2014

In this uncut version of [CVtv], guest Marc Levenson from was supposed to give us his first impression on the Maxspect Gyre.  But, Marc being Marc, decided to change plans on the fly and reverse roles.  Carlos ended up being the guest and Marc became the host. Watch and enjoy!!!

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WOW! Unboxing the Maxspect Gyre

CoralVue just received the FINAL (Yes! You read correctly… This is what to expect when you get your first Gyre) production sample of the XF150 Maxspect Gyre and WOW, call me impressed. So naturally I just had to give all those anticipating this pump a glimpse of what to expect upon its release in November.  CoralVue just received the FINAL (Yes! You read correctly… This is what to expect when you get your first Gyre)...

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Maxspect Gyre Featured at Exotic Reef Creations

In this episode of [CVtv], Marcos Guzman Jr. from Exotic Reef Creations ( talks to us about his experience with the Gyre running within their frag system at MACNA 2014.  Watch Marcos discusses the effect the flow has on polyp extension, the gyre’s fully submersible holding magnets and the ability to place the pump right next to the frags without blowing them off the...

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Maxpect Gyre Generator featured at HighDef Corals frag tank

In this episode of [CVtv], Carlos Chacon takes the Maxspect Gyre on location to the MACNA booth of HighDef Corals where Dr. Paul shares his first-hand impression with the water pump in his 8 foot long by 12 inch tall frag system. Take note on how close the pump is to the corals on the frag plugs themselves yet still provides more than adequate flow to those at the end of the 8ft frag system. Enjoy!

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