How To Create an APEX Virtual Outlet

Creating a Virtual Outlet on your APEX is simple.  

If you have the APEX 2016 (WIFI) version, you can create a virtual outlet using your APEX Fusion.  

If you have the APEX Classic, then follow the steps below:

  1. Using your Display Module, enter setup by pressing the center button once
  2. Using the Up/Down buttons, scroll and select “Setup”
  3. Using the U/Down buttons, scroll and select “Add Outlet”
  4. Change the “Addr” to a number that is not already taken by other physical or virtual outlets and then select “OK”

If you need to add multiple outlets, just repeat the process again.

Once you have added your virtual outlets, you may head back to APEX Fusion and confirm that the virtual outlets have been added to your Outlet’s list.  If you do not see them listed, just refresh the page.

Author: Carlos

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