Coming to North America – ELOS Diamond Line Aquariums

– A complete new experience!



An ELOS aquarium That Surpasses Itself

Premium DiamondVision crystal clear glass for uncomparable transparency and strength!
The one of a kind Quiet Drain overflow will provide a noise free experience, even with HIGH flow rates!


DiamondVision Crystal Clear Glass


ELOS DiamondVision makes for the very finest glass that combines the qualities of scratch resistance with a unique transparency for super crisp and vibrant view of your underwater habitat. This refined glass offers a light transmission of 92% and a color rendering of 99% producing extraordinary view inside the aquarium.


Bi-component Glue

Superior to other aquariums, ELOS uses a bi-component high tenacity glue for greater resistance to pressure and added security. Every seam is clean and precicion perfect producing the finest glass aquariums in the world.



ELOS QuietDrain Overflow (patent pending):


The true GEM of the ELOS Diamond Line Aquarium and the feature that really sets ELOS aquariums from the rest is its special designed QuietDrain Overflow.

The innovative variable flow drain encloses the features that most modern aquarist look for in a flow system:

  • Unparalleled Quietness
  • Ultra Small Foortprint
  • High Flow
  • Safety

This unique design allows the aquarist to run very high flow rates up to 3000gph, without experiencing any drain noise from the overflow. 


Absolute Line stand

Each ELOS cabinet is an extension of the aquarium itself. Doing what ELOS does best, enhancing modern design with clean lines that accentuate the aquarium and its surrounding environment.


The latest Absolute Stand is constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel or aluminum frame provides makes for the finest structure to properly support the stress of the aquarium. A stylish water resistant wooden cabinet properly hides the filtration equipment below the aquarium.

Also available in the Classic Line cabinets made of PVC edged melamine laminate waterproof V100. Each stand is built for strength, durability and functionality.



ELOS Diamond Aquariums are Available in the Following 8 Sizes

The frame can also be used “as is” without any panel. In this case we can special order a varnish it in any RAL color.



Author: PR Manager

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