Giesemann & CoralVue Prevail in Federal Court over PowerChrome Trademark Lawsuit

Giesemann PowerChrome Victory

Giesemann and CoralVue Prevail in Federal Court over PowerChrome Trademark Lawsuit

Giesemann and CoralVue

Giesemann and CoralVue Team celebrating their well deserved victory.

April 17, 2015

n July 2014, D-D sued Giesemann and CoralVue alleging trademark infringement and false advertising.  The case arose out of the launch of the new “Giesemann PowerChrome™ T5 line by CoralVue in the summer of 2014.  Earlier this week, the federal court in Virginia dismissed D-D’s claims.  The Court held that Mr. Axel Finken, CEO of Giesemann, is the rightful owner of the trademarks GIESEMANN and POWERCHROME™ in the U.S.  The Court held that Giesemann and CoralVue are allowed to use GIESEMANN and POWERCHROME™ for the T5 line that was launched in the summer of 2014.

Standing behind the Brand

Giesemann have long been regarded as an industry pioneer, with over 20yrs at the very forefront of lighting development for both marine and freshwater aquariums. It was important to defend Giesemann and its PowerChrome™ names because Giesemann did not want anyone else to harm the brand it had worked so hard to establish over the last 20 years. 

Giesemann and CoralVue Prevail in Federal Trademark Lawsuit

Giesemann and CoralVue Prevail in Federal Trademark Lawsuit

PowerChrome™ T5 Lamps are produced to be of the highest quality T5 lamps available to hobbyist and professionals worldwide.

Giesemann’s latest PowerChrome™ T5 lamp series offers innovative High-Output Fluorescent Technology using the leading edge advances in Tri and Penta-phosphor blending resulting in:

  • Exceptionally High-output Performance
  • Very Long Lifetime with Consistent Coloration
  • Spectral Stability Over Time
  • Can be Used with All Dimmable T5 Fixtures

The Giesemann PowerChrome™ T5 range is available in 7 stunning colors and in 4 common sizes, ranging from 24, 39, 54 and 80 watts. Incorporated into this range are 5 dedicated Marine versions with phosphor blends that provide excellent PAR levels to enhance the color and growth of corals whilst also producing an excellent light rendition for optimum aesthetics, and 2 dedicated freshwater versions called TROPIC and SUPERFLORA which are perfect for tropical aquariums and for the illumination of freshwater planted aquariums to achieve lush, vibrant and healthy plant growth. SUPERFLORA makes the perfect light source for all other plants outside the aquarium that require a special light for fast growing.

For more information or to purchase the PowerChrome™ T5 Lamps, please head over to

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