IceCap 3K Gyre Controller Firmware Updates

Below you will find the latest firmware updates and tools for your IceCap 3K Controller ONLY.  Always read and follow the instructions and guides prior to updating your firmware.  Not following the directions can potentially "brick" your controller and render it inoperable.  


Please be sure to install ONLY the correct firmware for your controller.  Not doing so will "brick" your controller and render it inoperable. 

IC-3K: G1A1-1.2.bin


You Will Need

  1. 32GB or smaller micro SD card (MS-DOS FAT32 formatted)
    We HIGHLY recommend the Sandisk Ultra - Flash Memory Card - 32 GB - MicroSDHC UHS-I (SDSQUNC-032G-AN6IA) which comes already pre-formatted.  If you need the SD card adapter, you can order the card/adapter combo here.

Update Instructions:

  1. Please copy the XXXX.bin file as is (don't change the name) to the root directory of a micro SD card.
  2. Insert the micro SD card into the micro SD card slot on the bottom part of the controller
  3. Disconnect the controller from power.
  4. Press and hold the center dial and then connect the controller to power.
  5. Continue to hold the dial until you are prompted to Upgrade the controller. Release the dial when you see the prompt.
  6. Press and release the center dial once to select "Upgrade". The controller will update and reboot.
  7. As the controller reboots and initializes, it will flash the new firmware version on the screen.


v1.2 (5/1/2018)
- [FIX] Varios bug fixes.

v1.1 (9/12/2017)
- [FIX] Pump fails to resume operation after Feed Mode ends.

Author: PR Manager

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