IceCap K1-Nano Skimmer 101: Assembly, Installation & Operation

In a previous post we covered IceCap K1 130, 160 and 200 models. Like the rest of the K1 series the Nano is master crafted from robust PVC and high quality acrylic. The IceCap K1 Nano is a remarkably compact skimmer that offers a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums ranging from 10 to 30 gallons.


Mounting the Nano could not be any easier with its magnet mount for suspended placement along side a sump or aquarium up to 1/2in thick.

An impressively compact footprint makes it the ideal candidate for tight compartment applications. Every aspect of the skimmer disassembles completely for easy service.

The K1s pipeless output offers trouble free fine-tuning and quiet operation. The pipeless design not only saves on space but also allows the outgoing water to exit on the side of the skimmer and below the water surface providing splash-free discharge.

Before we begin, please locate, inspect and identify all components supplied with your new protein skimmer.  Your skimmer comes nearly preassembled and only requires a few steps. Your K1 nano should include:

  • Skimmer body
  • Collection cup with lid
  • DCair 200 Pinwheel Pump with power adapter
  • Magnet mounting bracket


On a stable surface, locate the DCAIR skimmer pump and insert the output into the hole at the bottom of the skimmer so that the intake of the pump is facing away from the skimmers output.

Slide the top of the skimmer into the mounting bracket with the small slot on the right facing the output valve. Once in position, lock it in place by twisting the setscrew clockwise. Be carful not to over tighten the screw.

Push the end of the airline opposite of the silencer over the air intake device on the pump. Then secure the tubing by pressing it into the larger retainer located on the side of the mounting bracket.

Connect the power adapter to the cord off the pump and secure the power wire to the side of the skimmer mount using the smaller retainer on the side of the mounting collar.

Next, Insert the collection cup into the top collar of the skimmer body. The use of a food grade silicone o-ring lubricant will make for easy remove of the cup as well as preserve the o-ring seal.


With the collection cup removed, carefully install the skimmer in your sump or aquarium so that the bottom of the skimmer is submerged between 6-9 inches.

To tune the skimmer to your aquarium, simply close the output valve by turning it counter clockwise until you retain pea size bubbles at the point where the collection cup mounts to the skimmer body.

Allow the skimmer to acclimate to the new setting for 24hrs or more before making any further adjustments. The more closed the output valve becomes, the wetter the waste collection will become.


Do not attempt dialing in a protein skimmer any sooner than 2 weeks.   You must allow the skimmer to break in prior to tuning it.  It is common for a skimmer not to fully break in for 4weeks. During this time the skimmers performance can be very unpredictable.

We suggest that you remove the pump every 4-6 months to be cleaned and inspect the impeller for wear or damage.


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Author: Carlos

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