Kamoer XF-STP: Calcium Reactor Doser

So you have a reef tank and lately your corals are looking great and growing fast. Isn’t that what we all want? At the same time, you noticed that your two part supplementation is no longer able to keep up. You are going through Alkalinity and Calcium at a rate that is becoming cost prohibitive.

Fellow local and online reefers are suggesting that you need to switch to a calcium reactor. At the same time, as you do your research, you find endless problems and countless horror stories related to calcium reactors.

Even experienced reefers often find themselves frustrated at their expensive calcium reactor due to its constant need for adjustments. Clogged effluent, Inconsistent influent, Leaks, exploding calcium reactors and constantly chasing levels are all part of having a calcium reactor. Then, just when you do get it right, it only lasts a few days.

There are several reasons why a calcium reactor is so difficult to setup but at the root of all; it is because we are trying to push organic-rich water with a small feed pump or system manifold through a tiny needle valve.

Saltwater is very hard to regulate with needle valves, they easily clog with organic matter or small particulates from the media itself. This causes fluctuations in head pressure that, when combined with the use of a needle valve, can create some major headaches.

The Kamoer FX-STP is ideal for most applications that require continuous dosing of liquids like gradual water changes, sulfur de-nitrators and even a hassle-free solution for using a calcium reactor.

Kamoer specifically designed the FX-STP for continuous liquid dosing in aquariums. The FX-STP pump features a compact size and quiet operation. What sets this pump apart from others is the ability to adjust the flow while running.

Using the FX-STP to feed a calcium reactor is the best method we know that provides reliable and stable long term effluent flow. It allows us to easily overcome any inconsistencies and set the reactor’s effluent with enough pressure, reliable, and predicable metered rate.  

Before we get started with the installation, let’s make sure that everything is included and nothing is missing from the box.

The box should include:

  • Kamoer FX-STP Dosing Pump
  • Power adapter
  • 1/8 to ¼ tubing connector
  • Silicone Tubing


First, let’s find a location that is optimal for our FX-STP.

  • The location should have easy access
  • It should be close to electrical power
  • Close to sump and calcium reactor
  • The unit should also be installed higher than the sump and never directly above water
  • The length from the doser to the reactor should NEVER exceed 8ft and should be cut to length

Once we have found the perfect location, it is time to connect the tubing.

Secure the intake tubing below the water level within your sump or aquarium. We suggest that you refrain from getting too close to the bottom to prevent detritus or substrate from being collected.

Connect the larger tubing to the intake or feed or the calcium reactor and the other end to the bottom barb on the doser head.

An included barbed connector will allow you to easily convert the 1/8 tubing to the larger ¼” commonly used by most calcium reactors.

With all hose connections made to and from the doser, lets plug the power supply into the pump and then to your power source.

Let’s not forget to remove any valves from our reactor’s effluent or output.

Operation is rather simple. The pump will turn on as soon as power is supplied.

The pump has a single dial controller, Push it once to run the pump and then push it once again to stop it.

Rotating the same dial clockwise will increase the flow rate of the pump while turning it counterclockwise will reduce the flow rate.

The first step is to prime the doser.

Press and release the dial to start the pump and slowly rotate the dial all the way clockwise to obtain its max flow. Depending on the total length of the tubing used, it could take several minutes for water to start to come out the output of the reactor.

Once the pump has been fully primed, simply rotate the dial clock or counterclockwise to adjust the speed and flow rate of your effluent.

Sometimes, depending on how long the pump has been running for or the length of the attached lines, a doser may need to be calibrated to ensure that the doser is in fact administering the correct amount of liquid.

FX-STP Pump Calibration

To calibrate the doser, press the dial to stop the pump and then turn the knob so that Run Mode changes to Calibration. Press the dial to select. Rotate the dial to enter the calibration flow rate. We recommend anywhere between 40 and 60 ml to calibrate.

With a measuring container to collect the doser’s output press in the dial again to begin the calibration. The pump will now begin to run for 60 seconds, which is conveniently displayed on the screen. When completed, enter the amount of fluid collected and retest to confirm. If necessary, repeat the process until the amount in the measuring container is the same as the calibration flow rate you entered. It is normal to repeat the calibration process a couple of times.


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Author: PR Manager

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