Maxspect Shows Off the Gyre XF-180 at MACNA 2015

n this episode of [CVtv], Maxspect continues to amazes us with their innovation, design and efficiency.  

The Gyre XF-180 is the bigger brother of the XF-180.  It is about 2″ larger than the XF-150 and it can conservatively push more than 6,000 gallons of water per hour.  The pump was featured in a 8-foot long tank and amazingly, it easily created it’s trade mark gyre flow.  

The Gyre XF-180 will feature the same quiet-mount technology as the XF-150 and the XF-130.  The propellers are stronger and made to withstand intruding critters or foreign objects.  

The Gyre XF-180 is slated to be released early 2016 but at this time, no pricing has been made available though Maxspect assures us that the Gyre XF-180 will be priced comparable to competing brands.


Author: Carlos

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